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A small, picturesque village in Ecuador’s southern Loja province, 45 km from the city of Loja, Vilcabamba is one of Ecuador’s most popular destinations for backpackers and budget travelers, mostly from North America and Europe. The town also has a large population of retired North Americans and Europeans, and has a reputation for longevity, with its active and long-living residents. Shunned by some travelers, the town is considered a bit of a hippie haven, with more in the way of crunchy gringo food and atmosphere than local flavor. However, many visitors appreciate Vilcabamba as a hub to connect with other travelers and indulge in luxuries like massages and spas.Introduction

Things to Do In and Around Vilcabamba

View of the town of Vilcabamba

A relatively small town outside of Loja, Vilcabamba enjoys the same rich variety of nearby activities, including national parks and indigenous villages. See the list of things to see and do outside of Loja for more details.


Vilcabamba Climate

The climate in Vilcabamba is temperate sub-tropical. At a lower altitude than other Andean cities in Ecuador, the temperature in Vilcabamba ranges from about 13 and 24oC (55 to 75 oF). Vilcabamba’s wet and dry seasons are quite pronounced, with the wet season lasting from about October to May, and the dry season the inverse.

The Vilcabamba Valley

How to Get to Vilcabamba

From the bus station in the city center of Loja, buses leave every hour for Vilcabamba. The ride costs about $1. Bus companies that go between Loja and Vilcabamba are Cariamanga, Vilcaturis and Sur Oriente. See options for getting to Loja for more information.


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