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Loja is Ecuador’s southern most province and shares a border with Peru. By bus, Loja is 16 hours south of Quito and 9 hours east of Guayaquil. Two rivers, the Zamora on the east and Malacatos on the west, border the city making it easy to navigate. City buses are frequent and efficient and run north and south along Loja’s watery perimeters but you are likely to discover that your own kicks will get you there faster. Loja is small and compact and therefore is best seen on foot. Any questions? Friendly Lojanos will enthusiastically assist you if you get lost. Some have even been known to personally escort confused travelers to their destination.


San Sebastian Plaza.
Photo by Lojanos.com.


The buses will get you around town cheaply. Neighborhoods and streets serviced are posted in bus windows. If you are unsure, just ask the driver or fare collector if the bus is headed where you want to go.


Taxis in Loja are easy to come by and have a set fare within the city. Ask a local what the taxistas are charging because there are no meters.


La Toma airport is about 40 minutes west of Loja and has daily flights to Quito and Guayaquil with TAME. Taxis will shuttle you to and from the airport for a minimal fee.

Terminal Terrestre

The clean and recently updated bus terminal has buses headed to destinations throughout the country. There is also an information booth, a cafeteria, many small shops, internet/fax access, and a pharmacy. The Terminal is located at the north end of the city at the intersection of Cuxibamba and Isidro Ayora Street.

Where to Stay

There is an abundance of hostels and hotels in Loja, ranging from simple to elegant. The best thing about accommodations in Loja is that even the fanciest hotels are affordable.

The Hotel Libertador (Colón and Bolívar) is arguably the nicest hotel in Loja and is surprisingly inexpensive. In addition to nice rooms, a convenient city center location, pool, sauna, laundry service, and a good restaurant, the manager is helpful in arranging excursions throughout the Province.

A few other good places to stay are:

  • Hotel Londres (Sucre Street and 10 de Agosto)
  • Hotel Ramses (Colón and Bolívar)
  • Hotel Acapulco (Sucre and 10 de Agosto)
  • Hostal Aguilera (Sucre and Emiliano Ortega)

On this page:Orientation | Transportation | Where to Stay |