Ecuador Rainforest Tours

Ecotourism has grown extremely popular in recent years, especially in the Ecuadorian Amazon. To take advantage of this boom, many tour agencies and hotels have slapped the prefix “eco” in front of their names in an effort to attract clients. To know if you are really getting the ecological experience that you’ve been promised, check out Ecuador’s definition of “eco”.

Below is a list of recommended providers of tours and lodges in the Ecuadorian Amazon:

Ecuador Unlimited – offers a wide variety of Ecuadorian Amazon lodges that they can help you book from their office in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Choose from exotic experiences like visiting the Huaorani indigenous community, or staying in a comfortable upscale Amazon lodge.

Latin Adventures is a travel company in Ecuador that offers Amazon tours for those seeking to explore the unique biodiversity and culture of the Amazon rainforest. Their tours range from 3 to 8 days and take visitors deep into the jungle to experience wildlife, local communities, and natural wonders. The tours include activities such as hiking, canoeing, birdwatching, and cultural encounters with indigenous communities. Latin Adventures also ensures sustainable tourism practices to preserve the delicate ecosystem of the Amazon.


Adventure Life Amazon Rainforest Tours offers active and lodge-based Amazon Rainforest tours in Ecuador and Peru. Combine your Amazon rainforest lodge stay with a Galapagos cruise or Ecuador tour. Adventure Life seeks to actively preserve the locations visited on all Amazon tours.

Casa del Suizo – with its panoramic view of the Napo River, Casa del Suizo is a great choice for a first or hundredth trip to the rainforest. First-class accommodations, with many of the conveniences of home, and excellent food in the tranquility of the rainforest make Casa del Suizo the ideal getaway and great base camp from which to explore the Amazon.

Galapagos & Ecuador Insiders – will let you explore the depths of the Ecuadorian Amazon & Ecuadorian Cloudforest organizing all the logistics to discover the country’s top rainforest eco-lodges.

Gulliver Travel – Offers varied tours to the biodiverse Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest. They are a well-respected agency that has operated since the 1990s and specializes in active tours in Ecuador.

Blowpipe practice

Blowgun practice. Photo courtesy of Cotococha Lodge.

La Selva Jungle Lodge – is located just off the Napo River on Lake Garzacocha deep in Ecuador’s Amazon basin, the richest primary forest on earth, and offers you the ultimate in luxury jungle adventures. Create your own itinerary; go birding, trek or hike in the jungle, canoe in meandering rivers, or simply enjoy the magnificent views of the rainforest while lying on a hammock. Also, enjoy the Lodge’s gourmet food and its personalized service.

Otobo’s Amazon Safari offers what has to be one of the most amazing adventures to be found not just in Ecuador, but anywhere in the world. Otobo, a Huaorani native, invites you to his territory in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon to experience the Rainforest and all its magic. This has all the elements to be the trip of a lifetime. you’ll trek through the forest behind your local Huaorani guide and a bilingual naturalist inside the Yasuni National Park.

Sacha Lodge – is an eco-tourist’s dream. Primary Amazon Rainforest, a birdwatching tower, a butterfly nursery, an extensive network of trails and comfortable accommodations make Sacha Lodge one of the world´s premier eco-lodges