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Medical Packing List

High factor sunscreen, lip salve, insect repellent (with a high DEET concentration), mosquito coils or net, travel and sea sickness pills, Band-Aids, tweezers, scissors, sterile syringe kit, condoms, contraceptives, tampons, anti-malaria pills (if visiting affected regions), antihistamine tablets, an epi-pen kit (for those with severe sting allergies), water sterilizing tablets (iodine is best), anti-diarrhea tablets, oral re-hydration packets, anti-fungal cream, antibiotic ointment, sterile gauze, a second pair of glasses or contact lenses, one prescription of an all-purpose doctor prescribed antibiotic such as Zithromax or Bactrim, and any regular medication you take which may not be available in Ecuador.

Consult your doctor, IMAT (International Association for Medical Assistance to travelers), CDC and the books listed in our reading list for other recommended items.

Overseas Insurance

Before leaving your home country we recommend obtaining medical insurance for overseas treatment and emergency evacuation. However, check your regular policy first, as you may already be covered for travel-related accidents. Homeowner’s insurance will often cover theft during travel.

For information on overseas coverage, medical evacuation, and travelers’ hotlines, contact American Express (800) 528-4800; Access America (800) 284-8300; Globalcare Travel Insurance (800) 821-2488; and Travel Assistance International (800) 821-2828.

On this page: Medical Packing List | Overseas Insurance |