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Marketing and Promotion Overview

Is your website attracting clients? Do the search engines know you exist? Web traffic translates into web success. At MetaMorf NetMedia and EcuadorExplorer.com, we know how the Web works. We offer a number of marketing options that will drive traffic to your site.

Select from the following to design a package that will quickly improve your website’s performance:

1) Internet promotion and search engine submission by MetaMorf NetMedia;

2) Banner advertising on EcuadorExplorer.com; and

3) A one paragraph review of your business in the appropriate sections of EcuadorExplorer.com.

Internet Promotion and Search Engine Submission


Our basic promotion package includes registration of our clients’ URLs (Uniform Resource Locators, i.e., www.ecuadorexplorer.com, www.yahoo.com, etc.) with the top 11 search engines and top 2 directories on the Web. Directories differ from search engines in that they rely on human editors to review and list the websites they contain. Yahoo and ODP are the two most popular web directories. It is important to note that because directories rely on humans and not machines to do the work, it usually takes longer to get listed on directories.

If you host your site with MetaMorf, our marketing team automatically registers your site with 11 of the Net’s most important search engines (Google, Alta Vista, etc.) and its 2 top directories.

Search site traffic follows a steep curve. The 13 leading search sites that MetaMorf submits your URL to easily field as much traffic as all other search sites on the WWW put together, thereby guaranteeing your business an enormous boost in search engine and web directory referral.

However, for those that wish to get the extra edge, we also offer an advanced promotion plan that includes submission to the top 30 search engines and much, much more. See below for more details or contact a MetaMorf representative.


With over a billion pages, the Web isn’t an easy place to be seen. Our advanced promotion packages go far beyond the basic one outlined above. We can customize design a package that will guarantee more visitors to your site.

Choose all or some of these marketing and promotion options:

  • A consultation/strategy meeting to help you understand e-marketing and how to boost your site’s performance;
  • Marketing and promotion study/plan;
  • Website optimization;
  • Monthly submission of your website to the top 30 search engines and directories;
  • Multilingual metatags in English, Spanish, French, and German;
  • News Group annoucements;
  • E-News Letters to established and prospective clients;
  • Banner and link exchanges;
  • Promotional events; and
  • Focused “email list” mailings.

Contact a MetaMorf representative at sales@metamorf.net to learn more about how we can boost your site’s performance.

Banner Advertising on EcuadorExplorer.com

EcuadorExplorer.com presents a number of unique advertising possibilities. Banners are the most widely accepted form of advertising on the Internet today. A banner is a graphical advertisement on a webpage that when clicked on links to your website. You may place a top or side banner on EcuadorExplorer.com for a very reasonable price.


Example of a top banner:

Example of a side banner:

Banner advertising is economical and effective. Clients that employ banner advertising on EcuadorExplorer.com dramaticly increase traffic to their websites within just a few months.

Banner designs start at just $50. Banner placement costs vary depending on their location on the site. For exact banner prices and availability, please check out our Banner Schedule and/or contact us atsales@metamorf.net for surprisingly affordable price information.

Paragraph Review of Your Business

Placing a paragraph in EcuadorExplorer.com is perhaps the best single way to increase traffic to your website. In order to be recommended by EcuadorExplorer.com, a company must meet basic quality and performance requirements set by the EcuadorExplorer.com editorial staff. We have created these standards because every site listed on EcuadorExplorer.com comes personally recommend by us. As Ecuador’s leading travel website, we have an obligation to our readers to provide only quality content and services.

Example Paragraph:

Sandaes – with over twenty years of experience and a range of tours that will take you from the tropical depths of the Galapagos to the towering peaks and wide-open expanses of the Andes to the green abyss of the Amazon, Sandaes is your key to unlocking the magic of Ecuador. Moreover, founded and run by Galapagos natives, Sandaes takes particular pride in sharing its natural heritage with visitors in a way that few others can.

Every paragraph is a customized review of the company or organization. Paragraphs are published only on relevant sections of EcuadorExplorer.com. One paragraph appearing on three relevant pages on EcuadorExplorer.com costs $25 per month.

Contact Us

For more information, or if you have questions about MetaMorf’s marketing strategies and advertising options, please contact us atsales@metamorf.net.

On this page: Overview | Internet Promotion | Banner Advertising | Paragraphs on EcuadorExplorer.com | Contact Us |