Ecuador’s second most important port city, Manta offers the cultural attractions of a cosmopolitan center, exciting night-life, and a variety of beach options.


Museo del Banco Central
This museum features an impressive collection of artefacts from the various indigenous cultures that inhabited the area of what is today known as Manta, prior to the arrival of the Spanish.
Address: Calle 9 y Avenida 2
Phone: 612878
Opening Hours: 8:30am to 5:00 pm

Fruit and Vegetable Markets
Wander around the city center for an interesting look at the culture of Manta through small-scale commerce. Tourists and locals alike frequent outdoor fruit and vegetable markets for a taste of local flavor.


Many visitors are interested in relaxing one one of the many beaches in Manta. But the city does offer more adventure-oriented activities as well.


Santa Marianita Kiteschool offers kitesurfing classes on the beach of Santa Marianita, a short distance from Manta proper.
Phone: 593-0-98-066-703

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