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Staying Healthy in Ecuador

Health considerations in the Developing World, especially in tropical areas, differ substantially from those that travelers face in North America and Europe. Travelers in South America need to be particularly cautious with respect to what they eat and drink and to insect bites. Hepatitis A and Typhoid Fever are the two most common diseases transmitted through food and water. Yellow Fever, Dengue and Malaria are the most common diseases transmitted by insects.’s health section provides an overview of these and other medical considerations for those traveling in Ecuador. In addition to reading the information we provide, you may want to consult our recommended reading list, which includes a number of excellent web sites and books on staying healthy abroad.


As tempting as it may look, it’s best to avoid food cooked by street vendors.

Health is always an issue of concern for people traveling abroad. Most travelers stay healthy throughout their journeys and return home as fit as ever. You have little to worry about if you educate yourself and take sensible precautions.