Diving Tours in the Galapagos Islands


 There are two ways to go SCUBA diving in the Galapagos:

  1. On a liveaboard diving cruise where you live onboard the diving boat visiting remote diving spots every day. Liveaboard boats are the only way to dive Wolf and Darwin, two of the premier dive sites in the world due to their remote location and high concentration of mega species marine life.
  2. Day-trip diving based out of the towns of Puerto Ayora (on Santa Cruz Island), Puerto Villamil (Isabela Island), and Puerto Baquerizo Moreno (San Cristobal Island) where you sleep in hotels at night and take day-long diving trips from town.

Both options can be combined as well, doing day dives before or after a liveaboard diving cruise. Another popular option is to take either a non-diving focused Galapagos land-based trip or a Galapagos cruise, with diving day trips either before or after the tour or cruise.

Below are several reputable liveaboard and day-trip diving operators that can assist you in planning the perfect diving trip to the Galapagos:

Scuba Iguana – offering the highest quality scuba diving cruises, courses, and expeditions in the Galapagos Islands since 1995, Scuba Iguana is your passport to discovering the underwater Eden of the Galapagos. Owned and operated by pioneers in Galapagos diving, Scuba Iguana can show you the underwater side of the Galapagos like nobody else can.

Galapagos Islands .com – the “Galapagos Supersite” offers the easiest way to plan Galapagos SCUBA diving trips with highly personalized professional service that will guarantee that your diving trip to the Galapagos Islands is a once-in-a-lifetime success.

Exclusive Galapagos Diving and Cruises Live-Aboard Dive Cruises with the Galapagos Sky, Aggressor Fleet, Humboldt Explorer, or a land-based diving trip are options.

Diving Cruises in Galapagos with EQ Touring – Choose a diving tour on board the most beautiful diving yachts in Galapagos. Rated “Excellent” on TripAdvisor, EQ Touring is one of your best choices for diving in the Galapagos.

Updated October 4, 2023 by Jason Halberstadt