If you are interested in archeology tours and Ecuadorian cultural tours, contact the tour operators listed below.
Ecuador Unlimited offers tours for couples, adventurers, and families. They have prepared various Ecuador excursions, from one-day activities to week-long adventures. Cozy indigenous villages, enchanted haciendas, impressive volcanoes, forgotten Inca ruins, and fantastic handicraft markets await you. You can spend two days or two weeks on land; every sunrise will bring a new experience.
Gulliver Travel – Offers cultural and sightseeing tours in Ecuador’s cities and Andes mountains as well as in Peru’s Cusco, Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu. They are a well-respected agency that has operated since the 1990s and specializes in active tours in Ecuador and Peru.

Adventure Life Ecuador Tours – Cultural Ecuador tours offer an authentic guided experience. Visit old-world haciendas and travel to off-the-beaten-path locations. Small group tours and custom travel planning. Visit during local Corpus-Christi festivals and meet with local artists on a culture tour in Ecuador.

Latin Trails – See, listen, smell, touch and taste Ecuador. Biking, horseback riding, hiking, community stays, and yoga. Soft adventures and off-the-beaten path travel. Focus on custom-designed and interactive travel experiences, so you can immerse yourself in Ecuador and the rest of South America, be it a Galapagos cruise, Amazon adventure, Machu Picchu expedition, a Titicaca lake cruise… In Partnership with NGO MCCH (Maquita Cushunchic), most itineraries are community-based and support local cultures, by helping develop sustainable economies through tourism. Community lodge stays in the Andes, the Amazon and the Pacific coast beaches of Ecuador. Make your new adventure a fair trade experience as well.

Enchanted Expeditions – Specialists in Galapagos Islands cruises and mainland Ecuador vacations. We are pioneers in the Galapagos Islands, operating our own vessels, and offering the highest standards of service and personal attention to all our clients. Our published itineraries and custom-made tours for groups or independent travelers consider our clients’ special areas of interest: highlighting culture (markets, archeological sites, modern art & crafts), nature (jungle programs, walking tours, birdwatching), adventure (trekking, biking, rafting, horseback riding), spiritual focus, ecotourism, and much more. Tours are further styled to adapt to clients’ particular needs, whether they are students, elderly, family groups, or individual travelers.

Tours Unlimited – Ecuador is one of the smallest countries in the World. Nevertheless, it has been considered in the last decade, by its size, the country with the highest Biodiversity: in human, animal and plant life, in the World. Especial interest & cultural tours in the Andean region is our greatest asset. We plan your Itineraries according to your desires to meet Ecuador to its most spectacular places, people and sights. Colonial cities and haciendas, Indian markets, traditional festivities, combined with potential natural areas. E.mail marcoatm@hoy.net.