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Export Sector – Exported Products and Related Services(For more information, visit

Camari – marketing handcrafted artisan goods and agricultural products produced by small producers from all over Ecuador, Camari is dedicated to the promotion of the principals of Fair Trade. Working to promote and export the finest in Ecuadorian handicrafts and agricultural products, Camari is working to allow artisans and small producers to benefit from the new global economy by helping them to get directly in to contact with consumers worldwide to gain a fair price for the exquisite goods they produce.

Ecopapel (English only) – founded in 1992 to create alternative, ethical employment in the Bahía de Caráquez area where families and local habitats had suffered from the clearing of the mangrove forest, Ecopapel manufactures handmade recycled paper. Ecopapel paper is used to create all kinds of paper products from rustic coconut folders to exquisite banana fiber wedding invitations. Whatever your paper needs, Ecopapel can help fill them while supporting responsible community development and conserving precious natural resources.

Inepaca (Spanish and English) – constructed in Manta in 1949 for the purpose of receiving and freezing tuna, Inepaca has become one of Latin America’s largest and most modernized fish processing facilities. Operating its own fleet, processing plant, and cold storage facility, Inepaca supplies the world’s most well known companies with the seafood they put into the finest name products – Van Camps and Montecristi place their orders with Inepaca.
Flowers for kids
The Flowers for Kids project allows for a class of 4th to 6th graders to learn about cut flowers, where they come from, how to care for them, and how to make a bouquet.,
La Escala Textiles (Spanish and English) – a textile exportation company devoted to human capital development, profitable growth, and environmental protection, La Escala aims to provide complete customer satisfaction while gaining worldwide recognition and investing in the development of the company and the people of Ecuador. Using only the finest fabrics in their custom-designed textiles, La Escala has a 25-year track record of exporting high quality, competitively priced textiles, tailored to meet the specific needs of their international clientele.

 (Spanish and English) – Metrozona S.A. manages the Quito Metropolitan Free Trade Zone. Offering a variety of tax, infrastructure, and logistical benefits to the companies that operate within the Free Trade Zone, Metrozona facilitates the exportation of products from Ecuador, allowing exporters to maximize profits and efficiency.

Misty Flowers (English only) – with a qualified staff of experts and decades in the flower cultivation and export/import industry, Misty Flowers provides the highest quality South American and European flowers to clients in North America and worldwide. Moreover, with offices in Miami, Orlando, Colombia, Guatemala, and Ecuador; representatives in several parts of the United States and an easy to use online buying system, Misty Flowers is able to offer a complete and fully integrated flower service, providing its international clientele with over 150 varieties of premium roses and the best in South American and European buds, bouquets, and arrangements.

Río Guaycuyacu Reserve – (English only) located in the rainforests of the northwestern lowlands, Río Guaycuyacu operates a nature reserve and family fruit farm in which they promote sustainable agricultural and conservation practices. One of their many agricultural ventures is the sale and exportation of the seeds of tropical fruits and vegetables

Flodecol Flodecol S.A. has been in the flower business and selling top quality Gypso Million Stars since 1998. As a result of our quest to produce top-quality flowers, we have achieved a great acceptance by our clients, which has provided a major boost to our ongoing growth and has determined the need to introduce new exclusive varieties as Gypsophila New Love, Delphinium Volkerfrieden, Delphinium Sea Waltz and Delphinium River Series.

Internet and New Media (For more information, check out our Internet Services Section)

MetaMorf Net Media We are an Ecuador based company specialized on Web Marketing strategies. If you are in the tourism industry or any other industry, we can help you to develop a profitable website. From  website design, website optimization to building online ads (Adwords) and analyzing statistical data (Analytics). We will apply the next generation of Internet marketing strategies to your business.

Legal Services (For more information, visit our Legal Services Page)

Corral & Rosales (Spanish and English) – since its inception in 1975, Corral & Rosales, an international law firm headquartered in Quito, Ecuador with offices throughout the world, has been one of Ecuador’s largest and most-respected law firms. With a large staff of experienced attorneys specializing in a variety of fields and over 25 years experience in providing the highest quality legal services to their international clientele, Corral & Rosales has become the undisputed leader in providing legal assistance to companies engaged in business in Ecuador.

Medical Services (For more information check our Medical Services Page)

Hospital Metropolitano
 (English and Spanish) – offering a full range of medical services, Hospital Metropolitano is Ecuador’s most complete and modern medical center.

NGOs, Foundations, and Artisan Products

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Minadores de Sueños We are a grassroots organization based in the south of Quito in one the most underserved communities. We fight for the integral development of the children. We offer them a place where they can find what their environment does not provide for: school support, basic rules of hygiene, healthy warm lunches and a place to play. We need the support from international volunteers to give English classes, to teach basic reading and counting and to bring them all the attention they need and much more.

Sisay Fine Crafts Hand-made crafts for export (English and Spanish) – Is a handicraft workshop that wants to cooperate with an ecological consciousness which in Kichua means Blooming. We deeply believe that there is an urgent need to give people the challenge of having a different relationship with the environment. Ecology involves a world view and more than a technical issue it constitutes a challenge that guarantees the biosphere and the whole nature. It is a cultural proposal more than a social concern.

Consorcio Camaren (Spanish only) – comprised of members from the environmental, agricultural, and academic worlds, Camaren is a training system designed to promote the sustainable management of natural resources. With its success based on the vast array of experience of its members, Camaren was created for with two basic necessities in mind: improving the efficiency with which natural resources are managed and recognizing that a training process depends on a highly specialized pedagogy.

Fundación Golondrinas (English only) – located in the western foothills of the Andes, Fundación Golondrinas has been praised as one of the nation’s most successful grassroots project with its president, María Eliza Manteca, winning the prestigious Rolex Enterprise Award in 2000. Working primarily in cloudforest conservation, sustainable farming, agroforestry, and environmental education, Golondrinas also supports a variety of ecotourism projects and regularly offers volunteer opportunities in agroforestry & community development.

SelvaEco – Amazon Rainforest Reserve – is an international non-government organization, actively engaged in harmonizing social, economic, and political development with environment protection. Founded by a group of twelve prominent women, recognized for their eminence in the field of sustainable development, SELVAECO now has offices in the U.S., Latin America, and Europe. In Ecuador, SELVAECO now manages a variety of projects aimed at advancing sustainable development, promoting responsible ecotoursim, and protecting vulnerable ecosystems.

Volunteering Ecuador – created with the purpose of helping the nation’s most underprivileged women and children, Volunterring Ecuador works to help disadvantaged children and youths aware of their inner strength, creativity, and abilities, so that they may use these as tools to raise their self-esteem and integrate them into society. The organization offers a variety of volunteer and cultural exchange programs dealing with homeless and other disadvantaged children in Ecuador.

The Catholic Equator – with a focus on sharing the rich Catholic heritage of Ecuador with the world, the Catholic Equator sells and exports the finest handcrafted religious art and antiquities. Moreover, the business also offers a variety of pilgrimage tours designed to help people from all over the world discover Ecuador’s rich culture and history.

Software and Technology

EBS Business Software (Spanish only) – a software consultancy firm comprised of a group of pioneering professionals dedicated to the development of business resource administration systems, EBS relies on the expertise of consultants that have nearly a decade’s experience helping businesses throughout the hemisphere better manage their human resources.

Accesorios Celulares Ecuador (Spanish only) – Impactcell is a major distributor for cell phone accesories and equipments in Ecuador. Find the best rates and reliable services.

Atiempo Office Relojes Biometricos

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