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Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Guidebooks

VIVA Travel Guide to Quito, Ecuador and the Galapagos IslandsVIVA Travel Guides: Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of Ecuador´s most popular destinations. Written by a team of travel writers who have lived and traveled throughout this fascinating country, the guide contains extensive coverage of the Galápagos Islands including reviews of over 80 Galápagos boats and more than 30 maps of the visitor sites and islands. The book details more restaurants and hotels in Quito than any other guidebook, plus our community of writers have found the top eco-lodges and tours for an unforgetable stay in the Amazon rainforest and tips on visiting the jungle.
Climbing & Hiking in Ecuador by Rob Rachowiecki, Mark Thurber (5th Ed., 2004)
Updated and greatly improved last year by Mark Thurber, writer’s Climbing and Hiking Section. This is a must have for the independent hiker, trekker or climber. Detailed routes and decent maps of most all of the great hikes and climbs in the country, but lacking a bit in details about coastal region hikes. Great background information on packing, preparing, and natural history info.
Footprint Ecuador and the Galapagos Handbook 
(4th Ed., April, 2003) by Daisy Kunstaetter, Robert Kunstaetter (2005 due out soon!)
Ecuador specific version of the legendary South American Handbook that has earned a reputation with budget travelers over the years. Good, frequently updated emphatic information on travel destinations.
Lonely Planet South America on a Shoestring: Lonely Planet Shoestring Guides (9th Ed., March 1, 2004) by Danny Palmerlee, Fiona Adams, Sandra Bao, Charlote Beech, Morgan Konn, Andrew Dean Nystrom . Another classic for trans continental travelers. Again, not as complete as the country specific Lonely Planet Ecuador and Galapagos.
Let’s Go Ecuador 1st Edition: Including the Galapagos Islands (Let’s Go Ecuador)
(December 13, 2004)
Let’s Go 2003: Peru, Ecuador & Bolivia
(December 2002) Its written by students and geared towards the budget backpacker traveler. A bit expensive for a “budget” guide…
Footprint South American Handbook 2005 (81st Ed., November 9, 2004) by Ben Box. A classic. The South American Handbook wrote the book on guide books. Updated annually and has all the basic information you need about all the best spots in South America. Coverage of Ecuador is not as complete as the country specific Footprint Ecuador Handbook: The Travel Guide
Rough Guide to Ecuador, Second Edition
(January 1, 2004) by Harry Ades, Melissa Graham
Culture Shock!: Ecuador (Culture Shock! Guides)
(January 1, 2002) by Nicholas Crowder
Trekking in Ecuador (Trekking) 
(1st edition, May 1, 2002) by Robert Kunstaetter, Daisy Kunstaetter
Hunter Travel Guides Adventure Guide to Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands (Adventure Guides Series) 
(September 1, 2003) by Peter Krahenbuhl

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