Rebecca Adventure Travel offers various bird-watching tours in Ecuador, a premier destination for bird enthusiasts due to its high density of bird species. The tours allow participants to explore diverse natural habitats across the Andes, Amazon, and Galapagos Islands, offering opportunities to witness the unique fauna and flora of each region.

Ecuador Unlimited – Unique birding tours allow you to explore Ecuador’s incredible cloud forest. Their expert guides will lead you through the region’s diverse habitats and provide insightful commentary on the abundance of birds and other wildlife, from vibrant songbirds to majestic raptors.

Gulliver Travel – has birding-foused trips visiting classic Amazonian destinations such as Cuyabeno Reserve, Yasuni National Park, and where the Andes and the lowlands meet near Tena, Ecuador.

Masked Booby.

El Monte – Offering charming riverside cabins in the cloud forest surrounding Mindo is a birder’s paradise. El Monte’s natural peace and quiet attract many of the 550 species of birds known to inhabit the Mindo area. So by day you can spot cock-of-the-rocks, choco toucans, toucan barbets, giant antpittas, scaled fruiteaters, and torrent ducks, among other species, and by night rest in comfort, style, and tranquility Moreover, El Monte has just opened up the Mindo Biological Station for researchers, students groups, and ecologically focused tourists looking to truly explore and discover the natural treasures of the cloud forest.

La Selva Jungle Lodge Birding Tours –  According to Ned Wheatley, Author of Where to Watch Birds in South America, La Selva is “simply one of the world’s best birding sites.”  Located on a blackwater lake deep in the Amazon and with specialized birding guides available, this is one of Ecuador’s top birding lodges. It’s also very close to the Napo parrot clay lick, and is possibly the most luxurious of the jungle lodges in Ecuador.