In Ecuador’s major cities, yellow taxis are ubiquitous. All of them are required to use a taximeter and most of them do, but on occasion you will be asked to agree on a price instead. The same laws apply in Guayaquil and Cuenca. Everywhere else they either don’t have one or don’t use it. Know the approximate price of your trip before you get into the taxi and make sure that you and the driver agree on a price before you go anywhere. If the price he quotes you is too high you can negotiate it down a bit, something you won’t be able to do once he has already driven you to your destination, or just get out and get an honest taxi driver.

Any taxi ride in Quito should cost between USD 1 and USD 5. Pay no more than double these prices for late night rides. Taxis can also be hired for several hours or the whole day. In many cases this is cheaper than renting a car and also means you don’t have to navigate Ecuadorian roads or deal with unpredictable Ecuadorian drivers. Most main hotels can arrange to get you a taxi for the day. Most trips out of Quito cost about USD 50-70 dollars per day.

Taxi contact: Fastline: Tel. 222-2222 / Web: