The addresses and phone numbers of Ecuadorian government offices listed below are subject to change.

Who needs a visa?

Anyone from any country in the world is entitled to an “automatic” 90 day tourist visa (12-V).

If you plan to stay longer, or if you are drawing income from an Ecuadorian source, you will need one of the other types of visas for a stay of over 90 days.

How do I get a visa?

You can apply for an Ecuadorian visa through the consulate of in your area. Check our Ecuadorian Consulates abroad page for the one closest to you.

Where and how do I register my visa?

If you have a non-immigrant visa (other than the 90-day tourist visa), you have to register the visa at the Dirección de Extranjería at San Ignacio 207 and 10 de diciembre in Quito (tel 02-221-817; Mon-Fri 8:30am-1:00pm) within thirty days of arrival. You should bring your passport, certificado de visación (given to you at the consulate) and a copy of same, copies of the picture page, entry stamp and visa from your passport, a large envelope and a folder that can fit inside the envelope. Write your name, address in Quito and passport number on the envelope containing your passport. Any materials or copies that you don’t have can be purchased near the Dirección de Extranjería at a small copy center. You’ll be asked to pay $10 USD, which you must deposit into the Ministry’s bank account at Banco Internacional (around the corner from the office). Someone at the office will give you the correct bank account number. Depending on the number of visas being processed, your passport will be stamped and ready for you to collect anywhere between one and five business days.

How can I get an extension?

If you enter Ecuador with a tourist visa (12-X), you cannot subsequently apply for any other kind of visa in the country. You must return to your country of origin to apply for a non-tourist visa.Applications for non-tourist visas are no longer accepted within the country if you entered the country with a tourist visa.

Citizens of the European Union, the United States, Canada, and the Andean community can apply for a 12-IX tourist visa without leaving Ecuador, for an additional 90 days in the country. They may do so once per calendar year, for an effective total of 180 days in Ecuador per year.

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