Where to Donate to Help Ecuador’s Earthquake Victims

The death toll is over 500 and thousands upon thousands have been injured and are homeless from the April 16, 2016 earthquake.

Please donate to one or more of these organizations that are providing rescue, food, water, sanitation, shelter and urgent medical care for Ecuadorians impacted by the earthquake.

International Aid Initiatives

elderly ecuador earthquake victim

Elderly woman in makeshift wheelchair lost her home in April 2016 earthquake on the Ecuadorian Coast. Photo by Phillip Baker April 19th, San Isidro, Manabi, Ecuador.

Local Ecuadorian Fundraising Initiatives

Ecuadorians and foreigners residing in Ecuador have begun hundreds of grassroots initiatives “doing what they can do”. Here’s a sampling:

The Ecuador Earthquake Recovery Fund aims to reach small villages which have not received any aid from the international organizations and are not on the radar of the big aid agencies. Your funds will entirely be used to rebuild these villages, meanwhile, we are providing food, medicine, and water.

Global Shapers, a youth group  out of Quito has set up a crowdfunding project.

Steve Sherwood  says “I have access to 1,500 water purifiers at cost (about $30/each). Each purifier will filter 6,000 liters — what a family of four uses in one year. For a 100 buck donation, I’ll match fuel, time and sweat to get a filter to three needy families.”

Do you know of more local organizations that assistance and can receive international funds? Please let us know at jason@ecuadorexplorer.com and we can help get the word out.