El Monte – offers charming, truly-ecological riverside cabins in the Cloudforest surrounding Mindo. El Monte, owned by an Ecuadorian-American couple, provides an array of activities including, horseback riding, hiking, swimming in natural pools, birding, and whitewater inner tubing down the Mindo river. At the end of the day savor home-cooking by candlelight and listen to the night-sounds of the forest.

Galapagos & Ecuador Insiders – get you the inside scoop and local prices on custom-designed trips to mainland Ecuador from their agency based in Quito. Explore the depths of the Ecuadorian Amazon and Ecuadorian Cloudforest staying in some of the country’s top eco-lodges.

Birding in Ecuador
Cloud Forest tours generally mix hiking and biding.

La Selva Jungle Lodge – is located high on Lake Garzacocha deep in Ecuador’s Amazon basin, the richest primary forest on earth, and offers you the ultimate in luxury jungle adventures. Create your own itinerary; swim in tranquil lagoons and lakes, fish for piranha, go birdwatching, trek or hike in the jungle, canoe in meandering rivers, or simply enjoy the magnificent views of the rainforest while lying on a hammock. Also, enjoy the Lodge’s gourmet food and its personalized service.

Urcu Puyujunda Ecological Cabins – is located northwest of Quito, Ecuador, home to some of the richest biodiversity of birds in the world. Its aim is to conserve the Cloud Forest and help the community strive for a better condition of life. The program has experience with volunteers; you can watch and study around 300 species of birds, flora, fauna, biological and archaeological researches in this amazing place. You may choose from a variety of activities. No experience is necessary. Volunteers will get know a different ecosystem, culture, and the Spanish language.

Columbus Travel – can help you seamlessly organize an unforgettable trip to any of the top-rated rainforest and cloudforest lodges in Ecuador.

Updated 1 September, 2017