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VIVA Travel Guides has 4 excellent Ebook guides to Ecuador:




Ecuador Explorer, trusted travel guide to Ecuador since 1997. Updated daily.


Ecuador Travel Advisories:

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Ecuador’s coastal area on Saturday, April 16th. Help the victims of the earthquake by donating to the international or local organizations listed here. The central coast area has been heavily impacted, while travel services in the rest of the country, including Galapagos, Amazon region, Quito, and Guayaquil are operating normally. No trip rescheduling or cancellation is necessary.

Cotopaxi National Park recently reopened after being closed due to increased volcanic activity. Check activity levels before traveling to the Cotopaxi region here (or in Spanish.)

Ecuador Explorer will help you explore the remarkable diversity of Ecuador: the Galapagos Islands, the Andean Highlands, the Amazon Rainforest, the Pacific Coast, and the fascinating cities of Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, OtavaloBaños and more.

See the Before You Go section, find the most highly rated hotels in Ecuador, and find the most exciting Things to Do and See with links to great Ecuador Tour Operators. Ecuador Explorer provides packing suggestions, advice for eating, drinking, hiking, trekking, climbing, birding, and generally getting the most out of your visit to Ecuador. Check the visa and immigration section, and other country information pages, and the Ecuador Explorer Facebook page to remain informed about relevant updates in Ecuador before you go and during your trip.

Ecuador is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. Excellent hiking, trekking, mountain climbing, rafting and kayaking, SCUBA  diving, and  mountain biking and road biking, abound here.

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Updated May 24, 2016